Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Best Android Tablet-Buy Devante Cheapest Tablets in India

Even though nature has gifted man with almost everything that he needs for leading a good life on earth, man is nevertheless not satisfied with all this, and desires for more. As far as technology is concerned, man can boast of his excellence of creativity or invention to the hilt, as we now are equipped with more than we need for leading a comfortable life. But, technology, so to say, apart for its boons, also has its banes. However not speaking about the aspect of bane, technology today has made life easier for man, and one such aspect of technology proving beneficial for man is the Android application, primarily a rage among mobile phone users today.

A leading company, based in India that deals in mobiles and tablets, has come up with a new concept of tablet pc, whose processor provides a high speed than most other tablets of its kind. The best part of the whole story is that there are options for buying the Devante tablets online at quite cheap prices with a facility of free shipping across most of the major cities of India. It is available in as many as around 2400 cities across the country.


The Devante devices as the 3D Storm, Smart calling price among others have a resistive 7.0 inch touch screen and an expandable memory of up to 32 GB, along with many Android interfaces. It has the latest 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating System along with a 9 inch screen resolution. Among some of the important applications of this tablet are the Menu Bar, Search Bar and Shortcuts option. It also has an Android real keypad and an independent power supply that makes it best, especially for the frequent internet users to be carried anywhere.

Of late, Devante launched 7" 3D Storm tablet PC, that is a better and a smarter tablet in the category. With an affordable price of just Rs 5250, and highly demanded among businessmen. It has a clear sound quality and an excellent video quality and supports AVI, MP4, Flash and SP, and almost all the latest operating systems. It is compact with a height of 7.0 cms and 0.480 kgs of weight. The 3D Storm tablet PC offers a heightened gaming experience with best of audio and video quality, excellent speed of processor and flash support. It allows built in HDMI and 1080 pixel high definition videos. The 3D Storm tablet PC has 2 GB RAM, 3.4 GB HDD, 3.5 mm of earphone jack, A13 1 GHz Processor, 5 Point Touch as well as supports external memory.

Devante also serves as an e-book reader and mobile formats. It further supports the application of external keyboard as well as mouse for better access and can be connected to an USB port as well as HDMI port for connecting to data collection devices. Devante tablets also allow for 3G and wireless connectivity through Fast Ethernet. It is an excellent medium for chatting as well as for sending emails. With Lithium 2600 mAh battery life of around 7 hours and 250V voltage adaptor power, the battery backup is very good.

Devante announced 3D storm tablet product for internet purpose. Devante is very cheap android tablet compare then other tablets.


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